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Expanding Worlds in the Metaverse メタバースで広がる世界

Updated: Apr 17, 2022

Metaverse means "virtual world," but its meaning is often considered abstract and difficult to understand.

However, when you hear it this way, it may ring a bell for some.

Atsumare: Animal Crossing" or "Atsumare: Forest of Animals" for short, which caused a stir after the Corona disaster. Atsumori" is a meta-verse where unique animals and you, the new resident, live together.

In other words, a metaverse is a space where "you" can act in a virtual space while having a body in the real world.

The term "metaverse" is said to be derived from the setting of Neal Stephenson's book "Snow Crash," a world in which humans interact with each other via avatars in an online space.

Metaverse" is formed from the words "Meta" and "Universe," and as the English word implies, it refers to a world in a different dimension from the present.

Sword Art Online (SAO) is based on a light novel.

Due to its popularity, it has been adapted into an anime and even a movie, and those who have played the game may have seen it as a collaboration.

In SAO, the main characters live on Earth, but one day they put on VR to play a game called Sword Art Online, and as a result, their consciousness is transported to another world.

This is an easy-to-understand metaverse as an example where the body is in the real world, but the consciousness is flying to another world.

Also, Mamoru Hosoda's film "Summer Wars" is a similar metaverse.

In the virtual space OZ on the Internet, people create their own avatars and pay for all infrastructure in the virtual space, which is used familiarly as a more comfortable version of the real world.

In other words, the metaverse thus refers to a space where you can enjoy a virtual world while the entity is in reality.

Blockchain" is another word that is difficult to understand, but in fact, metaverse and blockchain are closely related.

Blockchain is a mechanism that makes it difficult to tamper with data by mutually monitoring each other's transactions on the Internet.

By utilizing such a blockchain that prevents data tampering, it is possible to create unique, non-copyable data (NFT).

NFT is a technology that allows author or owner information to be attached to digital data.

For example, data is inherently duplicable, and it is currently difficult to prove which data is the original.

However, if original information is added to digital data using NFT technology, the digital data can be treated as an irreplaceable asset.

Of course, fakes may appear in the market, as in the case of paintings, but only original works are given the original data of their creators.

And similarly, land and buildings in the metaverse space can be capitalized by using NFT technology. Thanks to the development of these technologies, businesses based on NFT are becoming active not only in Japan but also in other countries. } メタバースとは「仮想世界」のことを意味しますが、その意味は抽象的で、わかりにくいと思われることが多いです。


コロナ禍で世間を賑わせた「あつまれ どうぶつの森」略して「あつ森」。「あつ森」は個性豊かなどうぶつたちと、新たな住民として引っ越してきた「あなた」が生活するひとつのメタバースです。

つまりメタバースとは、現実世界に体がありながらも、仮想空間で「あなた」が行動できる空間のことです。 メタバースという言葉は、ニール・スティーヴンスンの著書『スノウ・クラッシュ』の舞台、人間がアバターを介してネット空間でやり取りをする世界からきているとされています。

「Meta」と「Universe」から形成される「Metaverse(メタバース)」は、その英語の意味通り、現在とは違う次元の世界を指します。 SAOことソードアート・オンラインは原作がライトノベルの作品です。






つまり、メタバースはこのように、実体は現実にありながらも、仮想世界を楽しめる空間を指しています。 「ブロックチェーン」もまたわかりにくい言葉ですが、実はメタバースとブロックチェーンとは深い関わりがあります。








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